All invited lecturers are expected to present a talk in one-hour sessions including time for quick discussions. Invited lecturers are also expected to submit an abstract of maximum two A-4 pages (including figures & references), which will be published in the book of abstracts. The deadline for the abstract submission is 30 April 2004.

Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail to, with “CDRF04” in the subject line and submitted as an attached Word document. The names of attached files should begin with the name of the lead author.

All elements of the abstract should be left-justified with all text in Times Roman or Times New Roman font. The abstract must fit within a region 150mm wide and 240mm tall, with top and left margins of 30mm.

The paper title should be in 17 point, bold, and lower case except for proper nouns. Where possible, please keep paper titles to no more than two lines. Authors names should be in 12 point, bold, and separated from the title by a blank line (or equivalent 12 point space). The name of the presenting author should be underlined. Where authors come from more than one institution, a superscript Arabic numeral should be used to indicate their affiliation. An ampersand (&) should be used in preference to “and” before the name of the last author. Affiliations should include the institution and country, but not the full postal address or telephone number. Use commas to separate different parts of the address. Do include, however, e-mail address and (where appropriate) web site. Affiliations should be set in 10 point, with only a 6 point break from the authors’ names, and between different affiliations. Do not underline e-mail or web addresses.

Body text should be 11 point and be justified to a line length of 150mm Hyphenation is at the discretion of the author. Single line spacing should be used, with a 6 point space provided between each paragraph (including the first). Mathematical formulae may be included either within the text, or as display equations using the standard equation editor supplied with Word, or by suitable manipulation of standard fonts. Please avoid using add-on packages such as MathType. Display equations should be centred and suitably punctuated. Any reference number should be right-justified.

Section headings are optional. If included, they should be in bold, 12 point Roman font, with 11 point space before and after.