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 Fluids Group

   ITU School of Mechanical Engineering  



 . . .  open positions                            


           Ph.D. Thesis

        We seek people (in all engineering disciplines as well as chemistry, physics and mathematical sciences)        willing to work on;

  • Aeroacoustics
    • CFD in rotating machinery.
    • Acoustic wave propagation.
  • Combustion
    • CFD in internal combustion engines.
    • Chemical kinetics (ILDM chemistry).
    • Turbulence modelling.
  • Hydrodynamic Stability
    • Generation of inflow boundary conditions for LES & DNS simulations.
  • Experimental Fluid Dynamics
    • Subsonic flows (Car aerodynamics, jet flows etc.)
    • Supersonic flows (Jet noise)
  • CFD Analysis of the transport in a wellbore for petroleum industry
  • Simulation modeling of a reactive flow

























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