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Supersonic Flow Over Bluff Bodies Spinning at High Angles of Attack

       This study was concerned with the structures of the supersonic flow over a bluff body spinning at high angle of attack. The results showed that a conical shock was attached to the tip of the nose for the zero bluntness, which was evolved into a detached curved shock as the bluntness ratio and the angle of attack were increased. The wave pattern considerably varied in strength on the leeside, and this caused the streamlines to separate from the model surface and to form a wake in the direction of the shock front on the leeside increased with the angle of attack whereas it remained unchanged on the windside. The conical shock, however, was not the only structure of interest in that the shock emerged at the beginning of the straight part of the forebody was also contributing to the patterns of the flow on the windside.



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Özkan G. And Özdemir I. B., Supersonic flow over bluff bodies spinning at high angles of attack, 9th International Symposium on Flow Visualisation (2000)












































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